Controlling claims = controlling costs

By setting a new precedence in self funding we are able to provide you with strategies to controlling costs that no other agency can provide you.

Client Resources

We are not only here to provide policies for you, but we want you to be informed about the decisions. That is why we are providing educational resources right here in one spot for you. If you have any questions about insurance, we are here to help.

Self Funding

Billington Insurance has been offering groups a self-funded alternative option to their fully insured renewals since 2010. With the passing of ACA more companies are offering this option, down to as few as two insured lives. At Billington Insurance we believe this is the most efficient way to provide coverage to your employees while reducing…


Billington Insurance is more than your hometown insurance broker.

We are your ally in your insurance search – helping your business navigate the many insurance options to find the perfect fit for you. Your needs are our number one priority. Contact us today and let us find the right fit for you.


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